The secretary of AIPPTM: How to be a good researcher

Tri Sulistyaningsih stands of left side from other researchers.

465One of scholar’s tasks conducts academic research that aims to improve, develop, and strengthen scientific knowledge. The scientific knowledge can be carried out into the academic communities and society lives. In summary, all of the research proposes are to empower and to build academic capacity and society life toward better insight and life of them.

Therefore, Tri Sulistyaningsih, a secretary of AIPPTM, relies that she should held lot of research works. She has conducted scientific research related to urban society, managing city, and other public policy issues. Each of her research projects is supported by Indonesian Government in which is the ministry of education of Republic Indonesia.

Last her research is about “Development of Resource’s Brantas River as Economics Area for People based on Tropical Fruits in Batu District of Indonesia”. The research topic has been implemented during three years that is since 2014 to 2016. The result of the research had already been presented in front of the ministry of education and other researchers in Surabaya City at March 6th and 7th, 2017.

In this event, the minister gives honor and reward to her due to her research performance is very valuable for the academic communities and people life. When questioned, what is the key of her successes in doing research? She answered, “We should love our projects including research work. If we have a love in doing the projects, we will succeed in carrying out our research completely”.  This is a way to conduct a research successfully and completely.

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