The President of AIPPTM: Build a governance concept for social justices

Achmad Nurmandi as a scientist of government science revealed that in globalization era, good governance is very important to be applied into field of government affairs. In this case, scholars of the subject need to do improvement of the government science contents, from traditional paradigm to the new paradigm. Regarding this issue, Achmad Nurmandi, a chief of APPTM, has discussed the topic in academic forum of the lecturer association of government science of Indonesia (AsosiasiDosenIlmuPemerintahanseluruh Indonesia-ADIPSI) on January 27th in Palembang.

According to Nurmandi, traditional paradigm of government science is that the field consists of bureaucratic view and procedural management in which government science aims to manage society and state institution based on the rules of laws that are made by the government institutions only through centralistic and bureaucratic approach. The approach asserts that the government has domination roles in governance affairs, particularly in decision making.

Nurmandi said, “Old paradigm in governance is limiting citizens’ roles in governance process while bureaucrats of government have a strong power in public interests.” Therefore, he revealed, “In democratic era, this view should be changed into new paradigm in which it gives free sphere for society to participate in governance practices actively,” he addressed it in the academic forum yesterday.

Recently, result of studies related to social problems, governance topics, and democratic issues shows that there are imperative issues  that must be studied seriously aiming to improve governance affairs that is more justice for society and people, especially in public services. Nurmandi explained, “On the ground, government either theoretically or appliedis established not only for state but also for society.” Therefore, according to him, all scholars of government science under ADIPSI organization should have a perspective that strengths public management affairs concepts that can be to achieve social justice and welfare into citizens’ life factually.


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