Artificial Intelligence in the Implementation of the Indonesian Government

AIPPTM (Asosiasi Ilmu Pemerintahan Perguruan Tinggi Muhammadiyah) throughout Indonesia successfully held its inaugural Webinar entitled “Artificial Intelligence in the Administration of Indonesian Government”, Monday, May 18, 2020.

150 participants from academics and government practitioners to researchers and students joined in through the zoon meeting platform webinar.

Dr. Hj. Tri Sulistianingsih, M. Si as the Chairperson of AIPPTM, and the person in charge of this webinar expressed his gratitude for the willingness of the speakers in this matter Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc and Joko Sigit Sayogo, Ph. D to fill the celebration of the webinar, as well as his appreciation was conveyed to all participants.

Ms. Tri, her nickname, stated that actually this webinar has long been planned, although the theme/issue that we raised is not directly related to the COVID-19 issue, which today is still an extraordinary conversation, the issue of AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes an unrelated problem less important in the administration of government, lest it is a bit of a disruption, the lack of readiness/stuttering of the government in handling COVID-19 may be due to the ability to use data and so on, as we know that this AI is one of the technological platforms that day-to-day this is an extraordinary discussion.

In addition, Mrs. Tri emphasized that AI has been widely used in various activities, especially in industrial activities and daily activities, but apparently from various studies, one of them was carried out by Microsoft that in Asia-Pacific found the fact that Indonesia was still minimal in adopting technology especially in companies, it seems that this is also the same in government organizations, therefore the current administration of governance is very challenging, meaning that there are various challenges as well as opportunities in carrying out government functions on this IT or AI-based.

Ms. Tri saw that many factors caused the various challenges, the ability of the government, her leadership and synchronization of policies and so on became one or several factors that caused this AI could not work as it should that technology should facilitate human needs, but the fact is often precisely there are some things that are difficult or not well complacent.

Thus the implementation of IT-based governance seems that our government has also started to far-off some time ago, say there will be a reform of the termination of Echelon III, IV replaced with IT-based personnel, of course, it’s a long journey that the government needs to prepare as well as possible. the good.

Some time ago our president also hoped that this IT or AI could support or accelerate the performance of the government, especially ASN, in carrying out their duties, now all of this requires precision, accuracy in understanding AI skills, and so on.

In short the need for harmonization of regulations, the socialization of the government to all targets affected by government regulations to carry out this AI is a must for the government to socialize it.

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