AIPPTM: Reaching scholarship is easy, how to achieve it?

AIPPTM: Reaching scholarship is easy, how to achieve it?

Many people say that reaching a scholarship is very difficult. In the fact, this argument can be received because getting the academic grant should do and has many things. In addition, applicants should be having a good skill in many things such as English and academic writing. Both of them are absolute skills that should be had by people who want to get it. In line with this statements, AIPPTM agrees that to get a scholarship, applicants need strong efforts in preparing for any requirements of scholarship, particularly TOEFL Score which is a part of important scholarship requirements. In this case, AIPPTM will push their members to study English in TOEFL subject and academic writing.

However, AIPPTM also has other ways to get scholarship easily. Firstly, our house institution should have an academic network with Colleges providing scholarship grant. In which, the agreement consists of study, research, and publication. All of them are based on the scholarship program. Secondly, applicants should have creations such as books and journals regarding our academic expert. Thirdly, this is the important thing that applicants should often attend in seminar forums such as international conference and academic meeting of college association.

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