AIPPTM: Internationalize Academic Publication

AIPPTM: Internationalize Academic Publication

AIPPTM asserts that one of the scholars’ duties is doing and publishing academic articles in book, journal, and proceeding under international standards. This is an absolute role of scientists that should be applied in the field. Based on this perception, AIPPTM has pushed the members of theirs to publish articles in many academic tools. However, regarding with it, the big problem is many scholars feeling difficulty to make an article for published in international publications such as journal and book chapter. Therefore, AIPPTM has been supporting the members of AIPPTM to do that by conducting a workshop how to write and publish in the international journal.

In this time, Nurmandi as a speaker in the forum explains and teaches to audiences how to write and publish. According to Nurmandi, there are several strategies in writing scientific papers namely, firstly, scholars should conduct much research which is regarding with current and interesting topics. Secondly, writers should read many journals related to his/her research topics. Thirdly, seeking international journal that will be published his/her articles. Fourthly, arranging paper based on the journal rules. Fifthly, editing the paper. Lastly, sending the paper to the international journal. Nurmandi said, “These ways are few formulas of the many roads to be publishing a paper in western journal”, his statement.

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