AIPPTM: “International Academic Network is a key”

AIPPTM: “International Academic Network is a key”

AIPPTM has realized that in globalization context as now today, an academic network is a key to embodying colleges that fulfill international academic standards. In regards with the conception, AIPPTM has done various programs in building a relationship with a lot of universities, particularly in ASEAN countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and Filipina. “We should be becoming AIPPTM as a tool to build a partnership with many colleges in around the word. It is a way towards a good university and college.

Nurmandi explained, “Under AIPPTM, we have many government science departments which are part of AIPPTM’s responsibility. We must work hardly becoming the departments as an academic community having good performance and capability”, his explanation, after held a workshop in Makassar.

In addition to Nurmandi’s comment, Tri Sulistyaningsih, a secretary of AIPPTM, reveals that AIPPTM established is as a space for lectures of departments of government science under Muhammadiyah in improving the academic network. Tri, called commonly, said, “This organization is important to create and maintain collaboration, partnership, and the relationship each college either Indonesia level or global scale”, her words during seminar and workshop in Makassar.

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