AIPPTM: How to research and write?

AIPPTM: How to research and write?

AIPPTM as an academic organization has tried to show good performance in doing some programs related to research, education, and publication programs. In this concerns, AIPPTM conducted workshop and seminar entitled “How to being a good researcher and writer” in Makassar, December 20th. All of AIPPTM members attended the academic event. They got and known many insights related to research and academic writing.

Nurmandi, a chief of AIPPTM in this moment, said, “As a scholar, we should be understanding how to research and write in academic context. This is pivotal subjects of scientist roles”, his comment in Makassar. Moreover, he explained that if the scholars have a lot of knowledge, particularly in these programs, we will have many chances to get an academic network. “Finally, by academic capability, we achieve our dreams as professor and lecturer, lets we do more to be going better as part of academic community”, his motivation to the audiences.

AIPPTM has a commitment to encourage scholars of government science departments of Muhammadiyah organization that lead to excellent performance in applying their duty as scientists. This is a part of AIPPTM’s visions and missions. According to Nurmandi, the vision and mission of AIPPTM as mentioned can take by an action of AIPPTM’s staffs collectively.

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